Maeklong Railway Market is a well known tourist attraction near Bangkok. Do visit Mr. Wiki for the lengthy explanation on its attractive traits.  Some say die-die must do. Some say it’s a tourist trap.

This is not my first visit in Bangkok. Therefore, I planned to do further than temples, malls and fancy cafes. I was thinking of train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then Chiang Rai, unfortunately I was short of days. Long story short, Maeklong Railway Market made to the itinerary.

There’re few ways to reach Maeklong Railway Market. By tour company, by car, by bus and what I did, by trains. I pointed down the journey as below.

  • Wongwian Yai Railway Station ~> Maha Chai Railway Station. THB10.
  •  At Maha Chai Railway Station, find your way to the Jetty (ask around).
  • Take boat at the Jetty to cross the river to Ban Laem Railway Station. THB3.
  • Across the river, find your way to Ban Laem Railway Station (ask around).
  • Ban Laem Railway Station ~> Maeklong Railway Station. THB10. Train services for this route is limited i.e. 4 trains a day for both ways. Do plan your journey properly to avoid long waits or missing the train.

The views along the trains ride are awesome. But the best part of the journey is the last leg of the above. As the train was approaching Maeklong Railway Station and entering the market, do check what’s happening outside the windows of your seats. Experience the tiny gap between the train and the market, the stalls’ owners holding their belongings from the railway tracks and also a lot of tourists recording the whole moments.

I mentioned earlier trains from Ban Laem Railway Station to Maeklong Railway Station are limited. It’s important to plan your journey to be able to record the historical moment when the sellers packed their belongings to give ways to the train.

I took 7AM train from Wongwian Yai and arrived Maha Chai about one hour later. Do spare about 30 minutes to find your ways to the Jetty to cross the river. If you have times, take some to walk around Maha Chai area because it’s a well-known fisherman town. Next, I took 10.10AM train from Ban Laem to Maeklong. It was an hour journey. At Maeklong Railway Station, I was able to witness the train left the market at 11.30AM. The next train to leave the market is at 3.30PM. Decided to leave earlier, I took a van to go back to Bangkok i.e. Mo-Chit Van Terminal at THB90. Ask the locals especially the tuk-tuk drivers the location of the van stops.

Anyway, at the market, as I walked towards the end of it, the goods were getting cheaper. Also towards the end, there was few cafes to chill and have some tomyams. Other than the famous railways market, do visit those shops off the railways tracks too. Let’s support the economy of the locals.

Last but not least, I strongly recommend people to visit Maeklong Railway Market via trains instead of other means of transportation.

Photo: Taken by Me
Location: Maeklong Railway Station


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